Controls: WASD to move, mouse to look. I = shop item 1/spend gold at shrine. O = shop item 2/ spend curse at shrine. P = shop item 3/ spend cure pages at shrine.  Hold E whilst approaching a shrine or shop to use it. Walk away to lose it. Hold E beside a vase to collect from it.

Objective: survive as many tombs as possible

1. What's my game about and why did I chose to make it:

My game is about risk and exploration. I've always been fascinated by the Ancient World. I find it wildly interesting and, at times, unpredictable. I am training to become an archaeologist. This game is meant to represent my tomb exploring fantasy. There's a new challenge around every turn. I wanted the player to have to make decisions. I wanted the play to  rely on their reflexes. I want the player to feel immersed. My life is boring. This game represents its metaphorical existence...hopefully.

2.  I enjoyed designing each tomb the most. I hand-placed each block, aiming to create a different feel and use for each room. I want the player to wish for a specific room and dread encountering another! I put myself into each corridor. The room design is where I managed to stamp myself into the game world. One stressful corner could be midterm week. One open, but dark, space could be the uncertainty of "life after college". I enjoyed making myself through the game.

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